How Efficient Can Coal Become

Investments in Coal

Ratcliffe-on-Soar above all other coal fired power stations in the UK highlights the importance of this fuel in the UK. Unit 1 at Ratcliffe is the first 500MW to have run for over a quarter of a million hours. This is nearly 30 years of continuous generation. See more types of Generation.

Despite its age Ratcliffe owned by EON is amongst the most efficient in UK and has invested in technology to reduce environmental impact. It has Flue Gas Desulphurisatoin, and also with a Boosted Over Fire Air system to reduce the concentration of oxides of nitrogen in the flue gas. Ratcliffe power station is the first power station in the United Kingdom to be fitted with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, which reduces the emissions of nitrogen oxides, through the injection of ammonia directly into the flue gas and passing it over a catalyst.

With the investments made, Ratcliffe power station is compliant with the large combustion plant directive. Despite this it can emit around 9 million tonnes of CO2 annually making it one of the most CO2 intensive power stations in Europe. Now, it operates at around 39% thermal efficiency, around the EU average and can generate enough power for around 2 million UK homes.

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