Closing Eggborough

Current Status

Eggborough power station is one of the most recognisable in the country. It is a 2,000MW coal fired power station that lies between the A1(M) and the M62 in North Yorkshire. It can be seen for miles around. It is due to close after becoming commercially unviable and in line with government commitments to phase out coal fired generation by 2025.


Construction of the power station began in 1962 and it began supplying the National Grid in 1967. The official opening of the Station was on 18th September 1970. As a result of privatisation, Eggborough passed from the ownership of the Central Electricity Generating Board to a newly created company, National Power, which was floated on the London Stock Exchange in March 1991. Eggborough was bought by British Energy in March 2000. In January 2009 British Energy was bought by EDF Energy. As part of that purchase process, Eggborough divested from EDF and became an independent business on 1st April 2010 – no joke! See more on the Eggborough website.

In 2014 an announcement was made that the Czech-based EPH Holdings (EPH) struck a deal subject to EU approval to acquire Eggborough, which generated 4% of UK power. Few details have been disclosed, not least any payment terms. Since Eggborough seemed to have run out of options, it is unlikely that any payment will have been that substantial. Although EPH has been tight-lipped on this deal as a privately-owned company, Kretinsky has stated that the acquisition of Eggborough power plant reflected a genuine interest in the UK market.

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