Little Cheyne Court

Little Cheyne Court wind farm is a site in the South East of England with 26 Nordex N90 turbines. Each of the 115m tall turbines has a capacity of 2.3MW.

Completed in 2009 by RWE Innogy, Little Cheyne Court is an example of the investments made by big renewable energy companies in the UK under positive subsidy schemes in the last decade. The £60m project provided 59.8MW of capacity in the South East. On top of the ongoing site maintenance investments, Little Cheyne Court will also provide £1.2m to the local community over the lifetime of the project. The Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund will oversee the investment as part of the conditions of developing the site. Other large scale investments have been made by local communities to develop their own wind farms can be seen in the Community Funded Wind story.

Little Cheyne Court Turbine

Inside the Nordex turbines the scale of the machines becomes obvious. Amongst the electrical transmission and control equipment there is room for a ladder to the top of the turbine where the generator and gearbox are held in the nacelle.

Environmental Benefits

These machines in the Kent stand among flat open land next to the high voltage power lines from Dungeness Nuclear Power Station. They do impact the skyline but they are also playing a role in reintroduction of the short haired bumble bee. At the base of the turbines across the site wild flowers and habitats suitable for the short haired bumble bee have been planted as an enduring commitment to the site as a whole.

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Little Cheyne Court

Little Cheyne Court

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